Veiko Tammjärv 

I am graduated from the graphic arts department of the Estonian Academy of Arts in 1996. The interest in comics probably grew out of my love of Herluf Bidstrup’s comic strip collections, seeing the works of Roy Lichtenstein and the music video for "Take On Me" by the Norwegian pop group A-Ha. My  works cover relationships, urban culture and Estonian folklore and mythology. Since the late 1990s, my comics have been published in various magazines and anthologies in Estonia and abroad. My first graphic novel was published in 2020. It was created on the basis of the movie "Dead Mountaineers Hotel." (Tallinnfilm 1979). In the following years, two graphic novels were published based on the book "Rehepapp" by Andrus Kivirähk. The first part of "November" ("Rehepapp") is published in Germany (Voland&Quist  2023).


"Punamütsike" Magazine Põhjatäht
"Kasv", "Snaiper" Newspaper KESKUS
“Still Life" 2001 Stripburek (Slovenia)
"Short Love Story" 2002 Madburger (Slovenia)
"Connections" 2003 Warburger (Slovenia)
"Day Off" 2007 Narration in Pictures. Estonian Alternative Comics from the 00s (Estonia)
"48h" 2009 Narration in Pictures. Estonian Alternative Comics from the 00s Part 2 (Eestonia)
"Levels" Cestbon vol 13 (Sweden),
"Paradise club" Call it a Day 2011 (Finland/Estoniai), Scraches 2016
Magazine KUNST 2017 “Kratt”
Magazine Akadeemia 2017 Kratt portraits
Magazine Sarjainfo 2017 "Kratt"
Graphic novel "Dead Mountaineers Hotel" 2020


2002 Paris “Still life”
2017 Tallinn "Kratt drawings and pictographic comics"
2017 Tartu Art Museum “Grey Zone” comics “Kratt”
2107 guest artist at Helsinki comics festival  “Kratt” story 1 and 2
2017 Tartu Agriculture museum "Kratt"
2017 Treviso Comic Book Festival “Kratt”